2019 Monday Musical Club Scholarship Winners

The Monday Musical Club (MMC) Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce their 2019 award winners.  The Scholarship Competition was held on January 20, 2019 at the Heritage Museum and Cultural Center in St. Joseph, Michigan. All competitors are members of the Student and Junior Club of Monday Musical Club. The Student and Junior Club encourages musicians through monthly performance opportunities and Artist Educator forums throughout the school year.  The Judges for this years’ competition were from Western Michigan University - Susan Wiersma Uchimura (Keyboard) and Bruce Uchimura (String) .

            The 2019 winners and their awards are listed below in Alphabetical Order:

 Isabella Alimenti (Piano) - The MMC Scholarship Fund Award for Michigan Summer Music Program            James Schweitzer (Piano) – The MMC Sullivan Scholarship for TCA LMMC Summer Collegiate Seminar        Kevin Wang (violin)-The MMC Parr/Blohm Scholarship to WMU Summer Music Seminar Grace Yuan (Violin)-The MMC Joyce Gouwens Scholarship to Blue Lake Fine Arts Summer Camp